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EVERYONE AT PELICAN STATE CREDIT UNION THAT I DEALT WITH WAS UNMOTIVATED, UNKNOWLEDGEABLE, either DISHONEST, OR JUST DIDN'T DO WHAT THEY SAID, either LACKADAISICAL, SLOW, OR DIDN'T CARE ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE. EXCEPT ONE HEATHER ROLFSEN, they need to Promote her, have her go to Branches to train employees on Customer Service, Pride in your work, how to follow through on what you tell customer, honesty, integrity, that their word and their names mean something and once they damage them they'll never undo damage, and they damage Pelican State's name at same time.

To the many people I dealt with Pelican State is just a place to work if you couldn't find anything else and McDonalds wasn't hiring. Heather was the ONLY one that seamed to care about how what she and other employees did affected how Pelican State was perceived, she wad the ONLY LIGHT in the blackness that is Pelican State Credit Union. From first day everything went wrong. I opened checking and savings when I got auto loan, and received credit card.

I told them I didn't want checks or debit card for checking because all of brain injuries all of my bills were paid same way for 9yrs and I didn't want to change but I did need debit card for savings account. They asked if I wanted personal pin number and I gave them one because of brain injuries I keep them the same. I was supposed to get cards in two weeks at most, 4-5 weeks later I still hadn't received my cards, I didn't want them floating out there so after several emails with no response I called and was apologized to they had forgot to submit them. When I did get them they didn't have my personal pin numbers and I was told if I wanted to change them it would be 2-3 weeks before I could use cards.

So I kept their numbers. I started using debit card and after 6-7 days a purchase was partially declined which I knew shouldn't of happened. I called to find out what was going on and was told my debit card was for checking account not savings as I requested, and now my checking account was in negative balance. They said that they would take care of it, and it would of been a simple task at very beginning.

I reminded them that I had Extended Overdraft Privilege Coverage, and Overdraft Protection so even if they didn't mess up and give me debit card to wrong account it shouldn't of been overdrawn. At that point the first week and only a few transactions they could of simply put money back in my checking that was there, and take money from my savings which had more than enough to cover what was spent, then send a new card for savings and cancel card for checking but nothing was done. Numerous times I called and was told they would take care of it. Eventually I had to switch my bills to being paid out of Pelican State account which they knew that because of my disabilities from my brain injuries I never wanted to do, but because of everything going on I had to.

Despite constantly being told everything would be taken care of nothing was done they kept my checking account negative even though it never should of been. So at beginning of month I would make deposits to pay bills but they would subtract negative amount that shouldn't of been there so the amounts I deposited would never cover my bills like they should of. Three times I stopped direct deposit of my check because I didn't want more money to disappear. I was charged overdraft fees by Pelican, Insufficient Fund fees by others when account never was overdrawn if they would do what they said.

After a couple months of making deposits with just a little over amount of bills I made deposit $280-$300 over my bills. Two weeks later when I checked balance my account was negative $118. To go along with everything else I had received a Personal loan to pay several items off. I had received Pre-approval letters from numerous other Financial Institutions for $5K-$10K.

I brought them to Pelican to see if they would approve one for $5K? The lady said she had me approved for $5K and asked me to bring in the bills that I wanted paid. Even though that's not how personal loans are done anywhere else I had no problem with checks coming directly from them. Part of the bills I wanted to pay was for my oldest son's college.

She claimed paperwork didn't have son's name on it even though it did. I even had paperwork sent directly from college with his name but I finally gave up submitting things told them to forget it and just took a $3K loan. Then one of the Companies that they were supposed to payoff never received their check. After complaining several times, and the Company calling them numerous times they supposedly issued another payoff check which again was never received.

So after about 4-5 months of them not receiving their check they put two months of late payment marks against my credit then they turned me into collections. I had financed 8-10 items over the last 7-8 years never late on payment always paid off early but thanks to Pelican State I have marks against my credit. Luckily that's when Heather Rolfsen got involved and was able to get me a check issued to bring to company and pay them. This meant that Pelican State and was making money on interest off notes I was paying on full amount of loan but they never paid part of loan out.

Heather was still trying to get my account straightened out and she told me what she had gotten done which brought checking account to positive amount, (an amount that I still didn't agree on but it was step in right direction) my savings account had money in it. She was going on vacation for week and I said that I didn't agree on amount but we could review when she got back. I asked her if checking account was safe to make deposit in so I could pay my vehicle loan and other loan payments I had with them early and was told yes. I made deposit for $650 over phone from other account but imagine my shock and horror on Tuesday when I went online to pay my notes early all of money in my savings account was gone and my checking account was negative because Pelican State had never done what she said and they said my deposit was sent back because of Insufficient Funds which I knew was wrong and when I spoke to other bank they said they'd NEVER received anything from Pelican State.

Heather tried but they didn't follow through with what she told them to do, so all of money in my savings and the money that I put in to pay notes in advance. BEWARE YOU CAN'T AFFORD ACCOUNT WITH Pelican State they will take your money faster than Jesse James. I sent message about everything and about closing accounts because I'm disabled and can't keep giving money to them which they seamed fine with but I had to keep membership and savings account, but then I remembered because of all this the main thing I told them that I didn't want to I had to do which was switch how my monthly bills had been paid for years to them. So I sent email back and asked if they could promise me that they'd fix account and this wouldn't keep happening that against my better judgement I'd have to keep account because I really couldn't change how my monthly payments were paid again.

That was a week ago and I still haven't heard anything from them. I guess they took the money and ran. ALL of this is just a SMALL portion of what I've gone through. Maybe it was just me.

Maybe they like taking advantage of disabled people but everyone PLEASE BEWARE!!!!!! God Bless.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pelican State Credit Union Checking Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I know that I only that Pelican State only called one time not several as they claim. I also do not believe that someone saw my Complaints at the hour that I left them and started working on my account.

I wish Pelican State would learn that honesty is always the best policy, and to listen to their customers Complaints instead of trying to turn them around and find blame or fault with the customer. With that being said I believe that they may be on their way to doing the right things in the future. Their Chief Operating Officer Mrs Annette Thames and I have been in contact by email all day today. Mrs Thames was diligent and kind enough to have all of my information sent to her at home on her day off and has worked on it for basically the entire day.

We also communicated about different things at Pelican State. I will follow up this response with future responses but I do believe Mrs Thames was genuine and honest with what she's trying to do. She even tried to give me several credits that I didn't feel like I was owed. I told her that would be the same as stealing or taking extra money from one of her tellers that gave me too much money back.

I'm only looking to be compensated for what I lost, even though I won't be able to provide receipts for all of my loses but the fault of that is all mine. I believe Mrs Thames will not only continue to work on making everything right with my account but will also continue to work on different ways to improve Pelican State so that Customers and future Customers will have a Financial Institute that they can trust, believe in, be proud to be a member of, and know exactly what they'll get from each employee and branch. Everyone will know whether I was right or wrong by the future responses. The only thing that I don't believe she'll be able to fix issues from the one Companies payments that wasn't made properly, but I do believe she would if she could.

I thank Mrs Thames for everything she's done so far, and for taking the time at home when she should of been relaxing.

I will let everyone know if Mrs Thames and Pelican State continues on the right path. God Bless.

to TripleCross #1366021

They have many hidden fees and they charge you for Cuna life and disability insurance the you didn't ask for and they put it on your credit card so you can never finish paying it and they charge high interest rate on a late interest rate credit card if you pay to much on the first payment of the due date! I will be sending my paper work nation wide because enough is enough!

The people are thinking that there getting a deal with a loyal trust worthy company! Shame on you Pelicain


You tried to call ONE time today, I sent email back telling you that I was at doctor appointment. By your response to my Complaints I've lost any respect or hope for honesty that I had for Pelican State Credit Union.

ATTENTION PUBLIC!!! Notice that they said that they've been trying to call me for several days but if you'll look at when I filled out complaint it was just filled out over the weekend when no one was at Pelican State Credit Union. They didn't open till today and as I said they tried to call once while I was at doctor appointment. They said that when I originally became a member I filled out paperwork to be part of Overdraft Protection and Extended Overdraft Privilege Coverage but then I was sent paperwork that I didn't have either that was one of the issues.

I bragged on one employee before and said that they should promote her to go around and instruct people on Customer Service but she seams to have either forgotten about everything we discussed about my account or she's fallen into the dishonest sink holes of Pelican State Credit Union. She knows this was one of the issues we discussed and she even admitted that someone in Pelican State Credit Union had messed up. Now it's like she's went into hiding. I guess I shouldn't be surprised because it's her job but I'm disappointed and ashamed of what you are doing and you should be also.

Last week I sent you email about everything that's happened how frustrated I was and I couldn't afford to have money keep disappearing. Her reply was that she would send me forms to close account if that's what I was talking about. They were in a hurry and more than willing to take the money and run. Then after speaking with people that helps me with everything because of my disabilities they told me I really couldn't change the way my bills were being paid again because they'd been done the same way for years but because of Pelican State Credit Union I'd just switched them and I couldn't change them again.

So I sent her a message back that against my better judgement I'd have to keep everything but I'd like her to give me her word and promise me that this stuff wasn't going to happen again. I got No Reply!!! My account would of never been Insufficient if Pelican State Credit Union would of done what they were supposed to. ANYONE WHO WILL READ my original complaint will see that I said that the one employee was finally able to get the checks issued for the one Company and I PICKED CHECK UP AND DELIVERED IT.

But because of Pelican State Credit Unions inability to get payment to them the Company put Two late payments against my Credit Reports and the Company turned it over to Collections causing my Credit Scores to go down. I gave them credit for finally getting it taken care of, I just let everyone know what issues you caused that you can't fix. If I would of kept waiting on Pelican State Credit Union to get check to them it still wouldn't be there. So anyone that gets a Personal Loan from them to pay off bills tell them you are grown ups and trust yourself to get it there more than you trust them.

If Pelican State Credit Union wants to keep arguing the issues I will post ALL CORRESPONDING EMAILS to prove to everyone I'm telling the truth. I am an Evangelist and Teacher of the Bible, I don't lie and have no reason to lie. I've told them numerous times that All I wanted was a small Financial Institute to develop a lifetime Business and Personal Relationship with that I could trust under every circumstance. However I can't even rely on them to send information on the different Government Loan Programs that I requested.

I expected true one on one relationships that I could depend on not a large bank where I'm just a number. They know everything they did wrong but at one point I was still willing to work with them to resolve everything and build a relationship with them, but now they try to answer Complaints by dishonesty and misdirections like acting like they fixed the one payment issue when I'd already given them credit for that, my complaint was about the damage they did to my credit scores because they insisted on sending payments themselves like the customer isn't able to do it but they are the ones that couldn't get payment made. So I was paying them monthly notes and paying interest on the full amount of a loan that I really hadn't received the full amount of because of their inability to pay payments. If anyone else has ever had this problem please make your comments on this site so we can see if this is their normal business procedures.

And like they said I signed up for Overdraft Protection and Extended Overdraft Privilege Coverage on the day that I became a member which I wouldn't of had to use if my accounts would of been done right, I kept telling them this when we started trying to fix my account. I read them word for word what my paperwork said about the Extended Overdraft Privilege Coverage but they acted like they'd never heard of it. Then for some reason I no longer had either it was like it disappeared like the money. You can imagine my surprise and shock when I was sent an email about the new Extended Overdraft Privilege Coverage saying how excited they were about it and to offer it to me.

I replied to the email this is what I've been telling you that I had all along I have the paperwork to prove it, but they said I didn't have, so why is Pelican State Credit Union sending it to me like it's a brand new thing. If Pelican State Credit Union wants to respond to this PLEASE Respond honestly, not like you did in this response. I'm sorry that you brought a shadow of doubt over the one person that I thought was honest and that could be trusted in your system. She knows who she is I'm disappointed and ashamed of what you've done but you're forgiven.

You should go back to trying to honestly help people, then they should use you to train others in Customer Service, but if you're just going to give lip service, and not be trustworthy don't do it. I'll be Praying for you, and hope everything comes out ok for you. As for as what they say they are trying to warn me about transactions from the Savings Account I was informed of that a couple of weeks ago, not in the beginning like I should of been. I also told them that I'd keep everything like it was at that time which was just before the last issues that came up with my account.

Even after latest mess up as I said earlier I told them I couldn't really switch the way my bills were being paid again so if they could give me their word and promise me that everything would be straightened out and stopped from happening that against my better judgement I'd keep everything as is. Then I never heard from them till they responded to the original complaint. I'm not sure if making promises about being honest made them nervous or what. That being said Pelican State Credit Union and everyone else needs to take notice of these Complaints from myself and others and instead of being defensive in your answers always trying to turn things around on your customer making the Complaints listen to them know your problems and weaknesses and fix them.

With everything you've done to me I still would like to develop a lifetime Business and Personal Relationship if you can realize you have some problems you need to work on. If you want to act like the Customer is at fault or not telling the truth as usual then I can submit ALL email correspondence to prove I don't lie. Please fix problems. People want a Financial Institute they can trust in ALL CIRCUMSTANCES.

I'll keep Pelican State Credit Union and it's employees in my Prayers.

God Bless. P.S Please email me before you call, because if you're just going to be defensive and not face your issues to change and make yourself better and more trustworthy for your clients then I'll just keep my membership use my accounts to pay my loans, and go from there.

to TripleCross #1344385
Pelican State Credit Union Verified Representative

We take all of your concerns and frustrations very seriously, and we can assure you that we have a team of people working through all of your complaints to make this situation better for you. While we do close on weekends, please know we are actively monitoring all of our systems 24/7 in the event of emergencies for our members.

We have call center coverage from 7:00 am - 9:00 pm Monday through Friday and 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Saturday and Sunday to assist our members in emergency situations. Therefore - at the time your complaint came through - our team was alerted and immediately started researching the issues, even during the weekend when we are closed.

You say a lot in your complaint, and we truly feel it is best to discuss all of this in person - whether we do it in a branch or over the phone. We have indeed tried to call you and your voicemail is full. We can assure you that there has never been any intent to deceive or be dishonest from our staff.

We know that misunderstandings happen and mistakes occur. We are committed to resolving your issues, but we need to talk with you in order to move forward. While these websites are useful for gaining attention, we do not like getting into minute details regarding private member information via a public channel.

There are things we can do to help you, but we are required to get your approval prior to moving forward. We will not consider communications through this channel as confirmed communications.

While we can exchange generalities through this exchange for days, we do not feel we will achieve true resolution until we speak with you. We appreciate your business, and we do want to gain your trust and approval, but we can only do that by speaking with you.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #1344069
Pelican State Credit Union Verified Representative

Good afternoon,

Our senior management team has taken the time to review the issues youve mentioned regarding your account. We have attempted to call you regarding the issues youve mentioned for the last several days and have been unable to leave a voicemail due to your voicemail box being full.

Our MyBranch team has been working diligently with you to ensure that your account is correct and positive since May of this year, and throughout this time we have refunded any resulting fees.

Regarding your debit card issue, we see that you spoke with a member of our Monroe team who helped get your cards ordered. We apologize for the wait time you experienced for your cards to come in.

When originally becoming a member, you filled out consent forms to be a part of our Overdraft Protection and Extended Overdraft Privilege programs to ensure your card would not be declined when making everyday purchases.

With Overdraft Protection, in the event that your checking account does not have sufficient funds for a purchase, you can use your savings account funds to cover the purchase for a $5 fee. Your Extended Overdraft Privilege coverage begins once all funds have been exhausted and allows your account to go negative in order to pay an item.

This lets you overdraw your account up to a disclosed limit for a fee in order to pay a transaction. At Pelican, the overdraft fee is $28. Regarding your personal loan issue, we see that you inquired about a personal loan in order to pay off debts from other companies. For the type of loan you have requested, it is standard procedure for the member to provide a list of companies and dollar amounts that are to be paid off by the loan.

We are aware that one of the companies said that they did not receive their check, and we have since worked with you and the company to ensure they received the checks and cleared the debt. We should let you know that by requesting to use your savings account as your primary transaction account (instead of a debit card attached to your checking account) your account withdrawals may be limited in the event certain transactions fall under Regulation D. Regulation D places a limit of six withdrawals or outgoing transfers per month from savings accounts for the following types of transactions: preauthorized or automatic transfer (ACH), audio transfers (by phone using automated system) or debit card. Transactions that do not fall under Regulation D are those requests made in person using a teller or speaking with a representative from our call center.

Additionally, please note that we allow three free withdrawals from a savings account per month (of any type) and further transactions will incur a $5.00 fee per transaction.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns regarding your account. Thank you, The Pelican Team

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #1343425
Pelican State Credit Union Verified Representative

Good afternoon,Thank you for letting us know about the issues you've been having. Our goal at Pelican is for every member to have a positive experience. We have escalated this to our senior management team, and we are currently looking into the issues you've mentioned in your review.We appreciate your membership, and we will update you as soon as we have more information.Thank you,The Pelican Team

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